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Mike Garley




A character-driven, high-octane,
noir tale of manipulation, loyalty and revenge….
Hardly a word spoken in 30 Pages. 233 panels. And 32 Kills…

Co-created by Mike Garley (Writer) and Andy Clift (artist),
with letters by Mike Stock, colour and grey washes by Lou Ashworth,
and cover art by Darick Robertson.


“THIS BOOK KILLS! It's so ballistic you'll need Kevlar to read it! From the non-stop barrage of action to poignant character moments that tease a larger world, this is action storytelling at its finest.”
- Vince Hunt (The Awesome Comics Podcast)

“Unrelenting action guaranteed to get the pulse racing! Graceful and flowing panels will draw you in to the twisting world and have you calling out for more!”
- Heather Tinsley (The Valkyries)

“A high-octane thrill ride set with 16-panel pages of pure joy. An action movie of the highest order!”
- Dan Cole (Excalibros)

“A well crafted story that leaves the reader not only highly entertained but questioning everything we see in a way that engages the reader’s imagination in a purely fun romp of violence.”
- Steven Leitman (IndieComiX)

“The relentless action of The Raid, the hard boiled grit of Ed Brubaker and the artistic flair of Darwyn Cooke.”
- Alex Thomas (Pipedream Comics)

“The inventive panel stylings and near-wordless narrative shows how Garley and Clift are a powerhouse duo in action-driven comics”
- Fred McNamara (AP2HYC)

“Action-packed from start to end, 32 Kills provides a thrilling experience in a way that only a comic book can.”
- Tayo (Los Harrow)