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Mike Garley

The Kill Screen - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

The Kill Screen - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

The world is nearing its Kill Screen, and now only the strong will survive...

The Kill Screen is a sci-fi/horror/thriller that explores what would happen to our world if it were infected by computer and computer game viruses. How would we survive?

With The Kill Screen - a technological disaster that will devastate the world - looming on the horizon, we follow a new group of characters as the world as we know it starts to fall apart. One pixel at a time…

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"The Kill Screen presents a dark, frightening, and more importantly all too plausible
version of the near future. It's absolutely chilling.”
- James Ferguson (Horror Talk)

“A dark, thrilling, and visually stunning, journey through digital infection."
- Susie Cumberland (Word of the Nerd)

“A timely reminder of why The Kill Screen is one of the most inventive and innovative comics on the indie/small press scene today.”
- Alex Thomas (Pipedream Comics)

"Conspiracy theories, government goons and the dark net come crashing together
in Mike Garley and Joshua Sherwell’s techcellent thriller, The Kill Screen.”
- Olly MacNamee (

"Fun characters and mysteries abound in this cleverly constructed and
visually stunning first instalment.”
- Dan Cole (Intercomics Podcast)

"The exhilarating prelude to the 'A-pixel-ypse!”
- Mark Russell (A Place To Hang Your Cape)

“Smart, intricate & heartfelt...”
- Gary Watson (Comics Anonymous)


70+ Pages
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Suggested for a mature audience